How I could start living the way I always wanted by increasing my Sperm Volume

Hi, my name is Kano and I’m an average japanese guy living in Tokyo, Japan. I wanted to tell you my story about how I could start doing what I wanted to do (and what most other adult men want to do) regularly.

When I was 23 I was all broke – I have lost my job which I actually hated and I didn’t have any money, no savings, nothing. My girlfriend left me too and I was really depressed about the whole my life perspective. I don’t have any special education, so I was not able to find a good job too or maybe I didn’t want to find it too much.

Finally in one newspaper I found a vacancy which seemed me very weird first. Adult production company needed male actors for their new Bukkake-style movie.

Maybe some of you don’t know what japanese Bukkake-style movies are about?

Bukkake style movies are those adult movies where 1 , 2 or sometimes more women are sitting on their knees or in other good position for oral sex and group of men (usually from 5 to 100 men) is standing around this woman (or women) and masturbating and ejaculating on her/their face and head time after time. Now you see why they needed more male actors? That bukkake scene they wanted to make was really huge.

This is done time after time and all female face, head and other body parts are getting covered with semen.

Yeah, quiet a werid shit… But I was thinking more and more about this – there was nothing hard for me. I only had to masturbate and ejaculate on helpless woman with a group of other male actors like me and even get paid good money for this. I thought that this could be really exciting experience!

So after thinking more about this job, I became ready to go!

But I had one problem.

I knew that my sperm count was LOW and I could not produce as massive cumshots as they needed! (I’ve learned this from sex with my girlfriend – I never could impress her with huge cumshots, specially after the first ejaculation). And these guys told me over the phone that I will need to produce several effective facial cumshots during the scene. I didn’t want to screw it and look like an idiot there…

So I have started searching the internet for solutions for low sperm count issue.

I’ve heard about such pills which claimed to be able to increase sperm volume by 500%, but I wasn’t going to try them… Until I really needed that big sperm volume to produce real good cumshots!

What can I say… I was limited in money and I was looking for an effective solution with moderate price. So I have bought me a bottle of sperm volume enhancement pills called Semenax which cost just $0.27 per pill.

Guys, an effect was amazing. My ejaculations became very powerful and volume of semen increased, time of orgams and pleasure have increased too. After production of the first bukkake scene and my first experience as male porn actor, I was offered to participate in all their future Bukkake movies and I’m sure this happened because of great amount of sperm I could ejaculate many times. Needless to say that powerful ejaculations are very pleasant both for men and women, and I recommend Semenax to all men who need any of the following things:

  • Volume of Semen Increased by 500%
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Sex and Ejaculations become a REAL FUN with Semenax , guys.

Now I’m 25 and I’m self-confident man with a good income from my actor career.

But the most imporant is that I’m doing what I really like all the time – I’m having sparkling orgasms and ejaculating LOTS OF SEMEN. Isn’t that something every man is dreaming of? You decide!

I’m sure EVERY MAN NEEDS to have a POWERFUL ejaculation and it’s only possible with INCREASED Sperm Volume which can be achieved by using  Semenax.