Erectol Review

Erection problems usually produce a psychological and emotional reaction in most men. Anxiety and stress can interfere with normal sexual function. These days with so many people under great deals of stress and anxiety it is easy to see why some men are suffering from sexual disorders.

There are many health issues that also cause dysfunctions for men. They include heart disease, diabetes, low male hormone levels, prostate cancer, and vascular disease. Lifestyle choices can have a very negative effect on you too. Medications, smoking, drugs and alcohol all can affect your bedroom performance.
Erectol is a natural male enhancement pill that says will aid you in overcoming erectile dysfunction. Erectol may increase blood flow to the penis which can cause an erection. Can Erectol make a difference?

Ingredients in Erectol

Here are the ingredients that are known to be found in Erectol:

• Siberian Ginseng—since there are different types of ginseng they all have different chemical components. Siberian Ginseng has been used to prevent colds and flu. It is also used to increase energy, vitality and longevity and stamina
• Phosphorus—vital for healthy metabolism
• Boron—a trace mineral that is essential for normal testosterone production and is commonly used to increase testosterone levels
• Avena Sativa—a natural erection enhancer that may increase free testosterone
• Vitamin A—is an antioxidant
• Gingko Biloba—enhances blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels in the body and has been used to enhance memory
• Saw Palmetto—helps with an enlarged prostate which can cause sexual dysfunction
• Maca Root—an anphrodisiac
• Chlorophyll—cleanses the body and a natural source of energy and may improve circulation

Erectol Side Effects

There does not appear to be any side effects associated with Erectol. Erectol does issue a warning stating that people suffering from diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension, etc. should not take this supplement without consulting a physician. Also this should not be taken by those younger than 18 years old.

Does Erectol have a money back guarantee?

Erectol does not offer any type of money back guarantee or even a return policy. That means you are out of luck if you are not happy with the results of this male enhancer.

Erectol Conclusion

Erectol is a natural male enhancement pill that has more negatives than positives. First, there is no scientific evidence that this male enhancer works to help you perform better in the bedroom. The ingredients are not ones that have been proven to help with erectile dysfunction problems.

Second, there is questions about the company that makes Erectol. If you look up Selmedica Healthcare there are plenty of negative remarks. Some say it is a bogus company that keeps changing their name. That is a huge red flag!!

Third, there is no money back guarantee associated with this male enhancement pill. At $69, Erectol is a very expensive male enhancement pill and if you are not getting results you have wasted a lot of money for nothing.

If you have not gotten the picture yet about Erectol you may want to look on this website and see other male enhancement pills that are proven to work and will cost you a lot less money.