Sex Tip of the Month: Giving a Good Massage

Sensual Massage

Massage can now be known as a healing art for the body. Aromatherapy is also a good technique to use on your partner, they breathe in relaxing scents and they feel great. A sensual massage is a great way to start up an intimate night with your lover. Enjoy rubbing down your lover, as they will to you also. It’s a great way to tell someone you love him or her by rubbing his or her body. It let’s them know that you don’t mind touching them all over, and it makes them feel more confident about themselves –

Here Are Some Basic Tips:

You need, comfortable warm surroundings, soft lights, privacy, if shy about nakedness, use warm, soft towels. Music also adds atmosphere, it can be relaxing or sensuous. Warm hands and massage oil are essential. We recommend natural organic oil which is usually edible. It can sometimes put the spice into your massage and intimate night. Never give a massage if you feeling anxious, irritable or depressed. Your partner will pick up on the feelings and feel equally distressed.

Start with both you and your partner having a bath or shower. Have your partner lay on the bed, or floor so as to be comfortable. Never anything too soft though, you don’t want to injure your partner. Make sure that your surface is comfortable, yet, supportive.

Have your oils, toys close where you can reach. Your partner will not appreciate it, if you have to get up and get something, that YOU have forgotten during their massage. This is a relaxing time, make sure it stays that way. Avoid if you can applying the oil directly to your partner’s skin because this is often distracting. Unless the oil is warm and sensual. But otherwise, rub it into your hands. Once you start the massage do your best to keep physical contact with your partner. Physical contact is key with this massage, if you feel comfortable enough to touch them, then they will love to let you touch them.

Some Basic Strokes Are:

Swim Move – your hands close together in opposite circles, as if you are swimming breast stroke. This is best suited to fleshy areas of the back, buttocks and thighs.

Thumb Strokes – Make thumb strokes starting at the back of the spine, add a little pressure, especially to the very end of the back, stroke back and forth.

Feathering -The light skimming touch of feathering has a soothing effect. You skim your fingertips across your partner’s skin, be creative.

Circling – Both hands one on top of the other make in circles in the same direction, up and down the body.